Mentions for James in Simon Stephens' "CHRISTMAS":

"James Groom’s interloper is fascinating. Billy Bob Thornton’s performance in the Fargo TV show comes to mind: grey, gaunt, intense. He’s alternately back-slappingly energetic and darkly mysterious . . .There is fantastic energy on display and in the small, intimate theatre at the White Bear, it sucks you in." James Macnamara - Exeunt


"I don't remember the last time I saw a performance as memorable as James Groom's starring, grinning, over - familiar, tongue rolling Charlie Anderson . . . He's so completely Psychotic, I was convinced for at least half an hour that we were going to find a body instead of an instrument in the case." Sarah Cox, StageReview


"affable but on a knife’s edge emotionally, he dominates the conversation from his introduction . . .you never really know where Charlie is going to go. James Groom plays this brilliantly, making superb use of his eyes to produce a truly psychotic stare that actually freaked me out whenever I looked at him. " Terry Eastham

Mentions for James in David Cantor's "SHEEP"


"The charismatic and confident James Groom excels as the whacked-out hedonist, Leo. Cantor’s pacy dialogue is absurdist and riotously funny, with Leo getting the lion’s share of the best lines and delivered with demonic flourish by Groom."

Stage review

 " . . played to perfection by the dashing and very pretty James Groom. Groom’s Leo is fun and camp, with all the best one liners . . . Groom was so strong."

Everything theatre


" Whenever he's on stage it's as if the show has been hit by defibrillators, his delivery, energetic body language and charisma are outright entertaining"

"James Groom  is utterly mesmerising, a neon Adam Ant with ten times the sex appeal. Whether he's strutting round the room licking class A drugs off a liquorice stick, or ranting conspiracy theories at Dexy with a glint in his eye, Groom holds the audience in his hand. "

Female Arts

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